Community empowerment subcommittee

  1. Develop a plan for community outreach programs and primary care services for the year 2023/24
  2. Collaboration with YED unit, MOH ,Elder secretariat or social services department in healthy ageing teaching and training activities.
  3. To plan a training program for Primary Healthcare Workers on basic skills in handling older adults in community level
  4. Develop and implement caregiver training programs.
  5. Inquire about financial assistance from private sector/donor agencies to help above activities
  • Prof Shyamalee Samaranayake (Chairperson)
  • Dr Hiranthini de Silva
  • Dr Shiromi Maduwage
  • Dr Marylou Dharmakan (Convenor)
  • Dr Kapila Ranasinghe
  • Dr Anupraba Wickramasighe
  • Dr Rasika Munasinghe (Geriatric Medicine)
  • Dr Amodha Medagedara (Old age Psychiatry)

Research Subcommittee

To help conduct research/audits to collect basic information related to demand for and utilization of health care by older adults
Identify key areas of research and help developing research proposals, identifying investigators, analyzing data and report writing
Develop an effective method of dissemination and adding such information to public domain

  • Prof Sarath Lekamwasam (Chairperson)
  • Prof Kamani Wanigasuriya
  • Dr Warsha De Zoysa (Convenor)
  • Dr Hiranthini de Silva
  • Dr Shehan Silva
  • Dr Udayangani Ramadasa
  • Dr Namal Weerakoon

Membership, media publicity subcommittee

This subcommittee consists of two teams according to the allocated tasks.

Media and publicity team

Organize and participate media conferences, interviews, and articles in both electronic and printed media behalf of the association

  • Dr Shiromi Maduwage
  • Dr Achala Balasuriya
  • Dr Padma S Gunaratne
  • Dr Chamila Dalpatadu
  • Dr Manilka Sumanatilleke
  • Dr Kapila Ranasighe
  • Dr Yasas Abeywickrema
  • Dr Udayangani Ramadasa
  • Prof Shymalee Samaranayake
  • Dr Hiranthini de Silva (convenor)

Membership development and website team

Update the membership database
Strengthen and widen the membership in all categories
Updates on website and FB page

  • Dr Malsha Gunathilaka (Convenor)
  • Dr Vajira Dassanayake
  • Dr Anushika Abeynayake
  • Dr Keshab Muthupulle
  • Dr Nipuni Imbulgoda
  • Dr Chatura Angulugaha
  • Dr Marylou Dharmakan
  • Dr Amodha Medagedara
  • Dr Ayesha Wettasinghe

SLAGM Editorial committee

SLAGM News, e-bulletins (Health Care for older people), and newspaper articles


  1. To resume SLAGM news (e-news letter)
  2. Complete the current bulletin and publish AASP
  3. Plan topics for prepare e-Bulletins adding multidisciplinary team input. Ex: Mental health
  4. Act as the abstract review committee of annual academic sessions
  5. Publishing newspaper articles on public awareness on health in old age.

Editor- Dr Achala Balasuriya
Editorial team: Prof Kamani Wanigasuriya

  • Dr Padma S Gunaratna
  • Dr Hiranthini De Silva (convenor)
  • Dr Lasantha Ganewatta
  • Dr Kapila Ranasighe
  • Dr Kishara Gunaratne
  • Dr Judith Herath

Administration and Finance subcommittee

  1. Improve and maintain the facilities of current SLAGM office.
  2. Administration of the staff members working in the office
  3. Regularize administrative process of the association in par with the government and NGO regulations
  4. Advocate to relevant Government Organizations presenting policies relevant to geriatric health care.
  5. To make an estimate of expenses for the year 2023/24 based on the expenses of previous years
  6. To plan fund generation mechanisms/activities
  7. Any other issues as they arise
  • Dr Barana Millawithana (Chairman)
  • Prof Kamani Wanigasuriya(Immediate past president)
  • Dr Lasantha Ganewatta( President-elect)
  • Dr Hiranthini de Silva (Joint secretaries)
  • Dr Malsha Gunathilake (Joint secretaries)
  • Dr Indika Kulasinghe (Tresurer)
  • Dr Vajira Dassanayake (Assistant treasurer)
  • Dr Manilka Sumanatilleke (vice president)
  • Dr Kapila Ranasinghe(vice president)
  • Dr Padma S Gunaratne (Past president)
  • Dr Dumita Govindapala

Care pathways development group (Geriatric Medicine)

Develop care pathways (1 page flow chart) to be used in General Medical or Surgical wards, ETUs and any relevant setup. Delirium, falls and frailty pathways will be launched with SLCIM in November

Team members :

  • Dr Shehan Silva( Group leader)
  • Dr Dilusha Lamabadusuriya (convenor of the group)
  • Dr Shehan Silva – Frailty team lead
  • Dr Rasika Munasinghe -Frailty
  • Dr Udayangani Ramadasa-Frailty
  • Dr Dilusha Lamabadusuriya- Delirium team lead
  • Dr Anuprabha Wickramasingha-Delirium
  • Dr Chatura Angulugaha- Delirium
  • Dr Amodha Medagedara-Delirium
  • Dr Lasantha Ganewatta-Falls team lead
  • Dr Padma S Gunaratne-Falls
  • Dr Namal Weerakoon-falls
  • Dr Asha Wettasinghe-falls (Physiotherapy aspect)